Monday, December 26, 2005

Fun, Useful or Both: Spell With Flickr

I came across this nice little application by Erik Kastner yesterday (weird, not many Eriks with a 'k') and immediately used it to create a Christmas card I needed to make, printed right out on photo paper with a nice result. I'm a novice coder but I can tell it's a combination of php and javascript that enables you to type a word or even a phrase (supports spaces) and pulls random thumbnails from Flickr for each letter. If you don't like a particular letter after it prints them you can click on one and it will pull another. This could be developed in some directions I can think of, like creating a printable version so you don't have to copy your pictures over to another program.

And what could a kindergarten or 1st grade teacher do with this? Wouldn't kids love to see their own words depicted with environmental signage right on the screen? I say both fun and useful.

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