Saturday, December 31, 2005

Impermanence III: Empty Loading Bars

I've been oursourcing information management for a while and depend on external web sites for so much now: protopage for notes and resources, basecamp for project management, for over 300 bookmarks, and most recently I tagged all of my bloglines blogs in kinja. When these servers go down (recently on and kinja at the same time!) I'm left without the information when I need it. When all I can get is an empty loading bar I figure all we can really depend on is our brains, so busy trying to save all this information, pictures and dates and it can disappear in an instant. If loses its database contents we all just have to start over unless we've backed up somehow--even then it won't be easy. My students are more used to this than I am. They get a weak wireless signal and find that their essay hasn't saved to their network drive and they have to start over. And they do. Their only problem is learning temporary backup techniques, like saving to the desktop and resaving to the network when they have a stronger signal.

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