Thursday, May 22, 2008

About Me Colors

I found it hard to get inspiration for a web page color scheme by looking at photos. A photo's colors are so grounded in what they inhabit and web page colors are abstract, hard, and too much themselves by contrast. So I don't know if this will translate, but I was thinking sunsets and I have a lot of sunset pictures from out of our living room window, but those all seemed too dark, so I found a sunrise picture from a trip to Mohonk and I think it might work. But just the sky part, not the dark mountain. I think this is a monochromatic color scheme, with the main color being blue and the inclusion of shades of blue and gray and some orange highlights. I think the background should be light blue to give a light feeling and the navigation should be a combination of dark blue/gray and orange. The place I'm eventually heading with this web site is a robotics help site for my students, so I may want to make the colors more saturated than they are in this picture.
Anyway, here is the page I ended up making:

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