Saturday, August 09, 2008

How to use storytelling Alice?

I'm excited about using Storytelling Alice with my 7th graders this year. I want to continue giving them programming experiences that will make them keep thinking about what makes technology tick as they go on in school. I think the storytelling context will really thrill them. At first I thought I should use it at the beginning of the year to start off with something really fun and inspiring. I always start with some kind of review of appropriate technology use and internet safety so I though about assigning them to make animations that depicted internet safety scenarios and what to do in them. But the more I thought about it the more that seemed to be something that would suck the fun out of Alice. So we'll make Photoshopped posters to put up with internet safety slogans and information so they'll be sharing the good word with their peers around school. Plus it will be a fun way to start the year. Storytelling Alice will be much more fun for them if it can be done with richer storytelling goals in mind, so I'll talk to their English and writing teachers about ideas. �


Aunt Lee said...

For a fun way to teach internet and social networking safety, here’s a unit that includes an instructional video and a quiz. It’s aimed at middle school and up.

The video is a selection of silly clips supposedly posted to the MySpace pages of the famous puppy and some of her friends. The clips demonstrate mistakes kids can make – the clips and the quiz serve as a jumpstart to further discussions.

Kids can take the interactive Flash version online, or you can download a .pdf document and print it as a handout. The 10 question quiz covers the topics of cyber-bullying, privacy, safety, dangers of spyware and malware, etc.

The quiz doesn’t really focus on stranger-danger type concerns but rather gently and humorously reminds the reader that it’s possible to hurt people’s feelings, to mislead people who don’t realize you’re joking, to remember that online postings can be seen by anybody and that postings are often impossible to remove once posted.

Steven said...

Is there any version of storytelling alice that can fit a computer screen using 800x600pixels?

Erik N. said...

There is only one version online to download so I doubt it. That must be a really old monitor, though.