Friday, May 30, 2008

Web site project

I've been thinking more about my web site project, this web site that (I hope) my students will use to find their way through programming their Lego robots. I'd like them to be able to find out how to use commands in program structures, get ideas for projects, and share their own ideas for programming and projects. I've got some PHP and MySQL under my belt from a couple other web sites so I'm going to use it here to create a database of Logo robotics programming commands with descriptions and examples of each, and maybe even pictures of sample projects. So I've done a brief sketch of the information architecture for the site, or maybe this is an early version of the flow chart. Basically, I'm looking at a page for people to find commands or project ideas, a page for them to add their own commands and project ideas, and a page for me to administer the database. I guess I'll also add a page about me, too. And then they just better use it. I don't want to go to all this trouble for no use. I guess what I hope is for them to add some content and then widen the audience to a broader Logo robotics community and hope they find it useful as well.

One of the keys will be making it look nice with an enjoyable, easy, and intuitive interface. So I hope to achieve that in this class, and the PHP/MySQL can come later. I know that's a bit backwards, but it'll still work. Famous last words, right?

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ma1661 said...

I did the LOGO robotics at my high school classes. I was sometimes charged with technology classes in my school, although I am not tech person.
I am interested in using LOGO robotics in school. It is interactive and not just learn at desk. I like that.

Database on the page is good idea. and also ideas by images are easy to share ideas for users.
and also linking to blogs, which learners can post their project story, works well.