Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Light Play With LightLogo

I've been admiring the work the Tinkerers at The Exploratorium have been doing with light. They've developed an amazing and rich environment for creating moving light and shadow compositions in which fading lights of different colors cast shadows of objects arranged on a slowly rotating turntable. The displays of moving and overlapping shapes on the white scrim are mesmerizing.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Making a Strobing Zoetrope at DDD

Design Do Discover

I loved participating in Design Do Discover 2017! The people and facilities are fantastic and I really enjoyed taking a project idea from start to finish (-ed enough) in the 2-day whirlwind workshop. I just want to document here our process of making a zoetrope, which I went in thinking I would like to make. One of the best parts of D3 was experiencing the epiphany that in the process of trying to make something you come to understand something so much better than if it were just explained or shown to you. The thing I came to understand was how persistence of vision works.