Monday, June 02, 2008

Anchored Instruction notes

  • Knowledge will not be transferred, or used in the real world, if the appropriate "triggering conditions" aren't applied. A triggering condition is identification of a condition under which knowledge is acted upon, where a condition-action pairing is defined.
  • Video is often a good medium for instruction because it facilitates learning in 3 regards: 1) It contains richer sources of information, 2) it can represent dynamic, animated material, and 3) visual and auditory cues support recognition of patterns, which is a prerequisite for applying condition-action pairings.
  • In a study it was demonstrated that students who had been given a problem in the context of a video segment turned out to transfer the solution strategy they learned in many other contexts, whereas teh students who didn't use the video segment did not.
  • I was thinking while reading this paper what does this have to do with making my robotics programming web site if it won't have any videos? Well I realized the important point is that the information I'm hoping to teach the students using it must be presented in the context of real, useful information. In this case that means that commands and concepts should always be linked with real projects with accompanying pictures so students can see the application of the new information.

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