Thursday, July 12, 2012

Configurations, Starting Applications, Current Working Directory

On starting up my Raspberry Pi today I found that my keyboard layout was set back to British, so I will have to find out how to permanently set that. No time right now, though. I did try starting Midori from the command line, which I found, obviously, required the X GUI to be started up. LXTerminal hangs on that command as long as Midori is running so I will have to learn about how to allow it to move on once the target program is running.
What I wanted to learn today I did learn, which is how to know where I am when the GUI is not running. This is not something you really know even with the GUI but the graphical illusion of a desktop gives you the feeling you are somewhere. So on the command line it helps to type 'pwd' to know your current working directory and 'ls' to know what directories and files are in your current location.

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