Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Raspberry Pi!

I have a Raspberry Pi! I have a lot to learn as I am barely familiar with Linux at all. But I've decided to learn 1 simple thing a day on it and blog what I learn. My goal for today, for example, is to find out how to change the keyboard mode from UK to EN! I know there is a command for that. (There's an app for that...) Eventually I will set it up in my school's library for students to use it and learn what they can do with it. It is exciting because in this age where computers are ubiquitous black box proprietary devices kids need to also see them as things to tinker with and learn to control in ways they want.

Hmm, how to get a photo I took of the Raspi on here to upload...

Wow, even more challenging than getting a photo on here it seems is getting Midori to handle publishing or saving a post with the blogger platform. It did warn me that there might be problems.

Ok, so I'm emailing it to the blog. I have to use my Outlook Web App account since my gmail account won't work in Midori either. Now, just for the record I don't have a problem with all of these hurdles. To me it's an indication of how sophisticated and at the same time inaccessible the software is that we have come to depend on day-to-day.

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