Saturday, August 29, 2009

Connecting to OpenSim with SL Viewer on Mac

I am just running a sim in standalone mode but I want to share it out to other computers on my home network. Whether you are or not it's the same. The only diff is where it says 'ipofyoursim' you'll put whatever fixed IP your sim has.
  1. Download Second Life to your Mac, version 1.23, not viewer 2.
  2. Make edit as plain text rather than rtf. This is because when you run the commands in the plain text file the shell will encounter formatting codes if it's rtf format.
  3. Paste this in a new file: /Applications/Second\\ Life -loginuri http://ipofyoursim:9000/ -loginpage http://ipofyoursim:9000/?method=login. Save file as '' on desktop.
  4. Open terminal, navigate to desktop (cd desktop).
  5. Change permissions to executable (chmod 777
  6. Run executable (./ Preceding ./ is required because for a file to be run as an executable the shell needs the file's system path. If the terminal session is in the same folder as the file, ./ is shorthand for the system path to terminal's location.
  7. Login to your sim!
  8. For a more user-friendly method, create an applescript with the script do shell script "/Users/username/desktop/" and put that on the desktop. No need to bother with Terminal after the chmod.

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