Monday, June 20, 2011

OpenSim Diva upgrade

I just finished upgrading my school sim to the latest version of the Diva + Wifi distribution of OpenSimulator, v0.7.1.1. It's a serverless grid setup, so I can shuffle the separate regions around in whatever layout best suits our current needs. The last version of Diva was released back in September, so this was a major upgrade. Aside from the changes mentioned in the release notes (run configure.exe), here are a few changes I had to make between the last version,, and this one:

  • FreeSWITCH: My voice service didn't work until I read in the wiki that a path changed in one config file. In the "xml_curl.conf.xml" edit, a folder name changes from api to fsapi. That fixed a FreeSWITCH error I was getting.
  • I could add a start location for new accounts! Open up MyWorld.ini and under the [WifiService] section add this line.
  • In my Mars simulation I had changed the gravity setting to -3.8 so the astronaut avatars can bounce around. Many defaults have been moved out of the Opensim.ini and into separate files. Gravity is still under [ODEPhysicsSettings] but in a file called OpenSimDefaults.ini now. To retain that gravity setting I added an [ODEPhysicsSettings] section in MyWorld.ini with the gravity setting I want.
Those are the biggest things I've had to figure out. Now I have to see what sort of bugfixes have been implemented. Exciting!


iliveisl said...

it's a ton better isn't it?
so are your kids able to dial into your box via a router?

and i thought i had you on my blog roll, i dunno why you aren't and will fix that today =)

Erik N. said...

Yeah, I'm enjoying the Wifi upgrade very much. I haven't had students inworld since the upgrade so I don't know how much better it handles avatars yet.
Our sims are behind our school firewall and they usually access it inside the network. I did set up port forwarding, though, so occasionally they access it from home. Cool to give homework in the sim.

Erik N. said...

Truth is, I haven't had time to explore any of the new developments that came about since September. HG, mesh, MOAP, all things I'd like to try out some time. I did try logging in with SL viewer 2 and knew something was wrong when I couldn't see any neighboring regions. stuff like that can stop me from figuring out the new features for a while. Something to be said for getting up to a stable version and developing some good content, though.