Saturday, January 07, 2017

OpenSimulator In the Classroom Through the Years

I haven't run any sim projects for a while and I miss it. I just found a cache of pictures of sim projects and am amazed at how far it's come. Here are some of the pictures to give an idea of the territory students and I covered together. What an adventure!
Our first sim, 2009! With a spare assortment of prims students acted out skits for
their drama class.
In the first year our wifi was insufficient to reliably access our server even over LAN, so I
bundled up network cables to make it work. In order for students to
rehearse in separate groups I had to set up a separate voice chat server with Teamspeak, then
switch to the built in FreeSWITCH voice for the performances.
The sets developed over the first couple years.
Alice In Wonderland set
An architecture workshop from the second year
Students collectively built The Parthenon for a geometry class.
5th graders explored Mars.
They descended into a crater to find and bring back meteorite samples.
I built a Theater of Dionysis for more drama productions.
A Community Planning workshop during the 3rd year, bridge over Sydney Harbor.
7th grade science project, designing cells and DNA
Student-designed model of facade of St. Peter's Basilica
Same student also created a machinema of a scene from Bram Stoker's
Dracula. She used an in-world green screen technique to bring all 5 avatars
A recent student project in our sim last spring. A student
created a zoo environment for puffins for her science class.

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