Saturday, December 23, 2017

Processing's Turtle Library to Cricut Vinyl

Here's a workflow I'm trying out for Leah Beuchley's Turtle library for Processing, making vinyl cutouts with a Cricut Maker machine. These steps will produces shapes that will allow the cricut to follow the outline to retain the full design in one piece. Also uses Processing's pdf library. This example is a very simple shape but it will be interesting to push the Cricut and see how detailed it can get.

Processing sketch:

 import Turtle.*;  
 import processing.pdf.*;  
 Turtle t;  
 void setup() {  
  size(500, 500);  
  t = new Turtle(this);  
 void draw () {  
  beginRecord(PDF, "shape.pdf");   
  for (int i = 0; i<5; i++) {  

Place pdf in Illustrator:
Remove square border (twice).
Object > Path > Outline Stroke.
No fill, black stroke.
Pathfinder > Unite.

Now save as SVG.
Upload to Cricut Design Space to cut on vinyl.

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