Friday, January 19, 2018

Set up MCPI Mod for Teacher Gaming Minecraft EDU on Mac

These are just some itemized steps so I can remember, for getting started coding Python on a Minecraft EDU server.
First, download and run the Minecraft EDU v 1.7.10 jar installer (I have) and install the client only (for students).
Then, download the McpiApiMod and put it in Library / Application Support / minecraftedu / minecraft / mods folder. This folder is tricky to get to. Open Finder, click Go and press option key, click Library, etc.

Run your Minecraft EDU launcher, click Mods, and under Client Mods make sure Minecraft Pi API is checked.
Then, download and unzip kbsriram MCPIAPI library. Find inside of that they mcpimods folder, and move that folder to Library / Application Support / minecraftedu / minecraft folder.
To make it easier to get here in the future, drag the mcpimods folder to your dock, next to the downloads folder.
Now you should be ready to code some Python in Minecraft!

UPDATE: I've made a shell script that studetns use to get everything set up for each programming session. This assumes they have a file in the python folder named

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type "nano script.command" and hit return.
  3. In the window that opens copy and paste the following:
    echo "Hello"
    printf "What is your account name?  -> "
    read NAME
    open "/Users/$NAME/Library/Application Support/minecraftedu/minecraft/mcpimods/python"
    open -a "Sublime Text" "/Users/$NAME/Library/Application Support/minecraftedu/minecraft/mcpimods/python/"
    open -a "Terminal" "/Users/$NAME/Library/Application Support/minecraftedu/minecraft/mcpimods/python"
    open -a "MinecraftEdu Launcher"
  4.  Hit control + x, then 'y', then return.
  5. Now in Terminal type "chmod +x script.command" and hit enter
  6. Finally, to run it, find the file in your Finder and double click it. If you like you can move it to your desktop.
Finally, here is a google site I made with the API and lessons for Minecraft Pi, excluding O'Hanlan's API for the Raspberry Juice mod, since I couldn't get that working.

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