Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Minecraft with Python: RaspberryJam Mod on Linux

The steps to set up Python coding in Minecraft on Linux were a little tricky to figure out so here they are for reference:


Ubuntu 18 installed on PC
Install Python 2.7 or 3


Java Edition, vanilla launcher version 1.12, signed in to purchased account
(current version is 1.14 but most current version of Forge is 1.12 so had to drop back)
Run once and close


Get latest Forge installer (currently 1.12) http://files.minecraftforge.net/
Download and extract. Right click, click Properties, under permissions check executable, under run with make sure Java SDK is default. Double click installer and choose client.
Now run Minecraft launcher, enable alternate versions, add version with Forge (should pop up).

RaspberryJam Mod

Under releases, download mods.zip, unzip, move all version folders into ~/.minecraft/mods/
Download python-scripts.zip, unzip, move mcpipy folder into ~/.minecraft
(if in GUI hit Ctrl+H to toggle view hidden folders)

All should be good to go!

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